I am a published, professional photographer who loves creating great art whether kinky or vanilla.  the images you post in both style and content are your personal billboard to other kinksters, make them count.
I subscribe to the quality over quantity school of thought. A few really good images are better than a bunch of dark, grainy poorly composed images.
What does a fetish photoshoot cost?
If you are looking for something just for Fetlife (or other online sharing) then we can do a two-three hour session in my studio for $500.   A makeup artist is included if this is desired (must be booked in advance).    
Shorter duration sessions are available for a reduced rate. 
Will you do a free shoot?
Not really. I won't do a free shoot but we might be able to work out a trade. If your concept is helpful to my portfolio and you are willing to let me use images that include your face then we might be able to work something out.
I won't do TFP if I can't use the images to promote my work.
Will you travel to my city to do a private shoot for me?
Yes, but it's not inexpensive. You have to cover the travel costs.  I shoot in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge at no additional charge. 
How naughty can I get during my photoshoot?
As naughty as you want within certain limits. Anyone in the image MUST be at least 18 years of age and look like they are 18.
I won't shoot anything that is illegal or non-consensual.
When and how do I get my photos?
I will choose the images that meet my standards and send a link that you can visit to download your images usually within a week. These images will have my watermark and they will be 1350 pixels on the longest side. These images are sized for use on most online uses including Fetlife. They are not sized for printing. You can have them without the watermark if you wish but there is an additional fee for that. The watermark discourages the publishing of the images by others.
Can I have some of my images retouched with Photoshop?
Yes, but there may be additional charges for that.
How many images will I receive?
It really depends on what and for how long we shoot.
You can expect between 10-200 images but typically around 50.
Do I have to come to your studio?
No, I love doing location shoots if you have a nice looking place in mind. I prefer to shoot in a location that does not have personal photographs or mementos in the background unless that is something you specifically want. For this reason, hotels or other rental locations tend to be a better, less identifiable, choice.
Weather permitting we can also shoot outside.
Will you post my images online?
No.  We may agree in advance to share some for promotional reasons but not unless we have agreed to that in ADVANCE.
I have a strict privacy policy for paid clients.
I delete the files from my computer after a year or sooner if you wish.
Do I have to sign anything?
No, you don't even have to use your real name, but if you look young, I may need to glance at your ID. I only work with people over 18.
Can I bring a friend?
Of course you can, if that will help you feel more comfortable. Please choose your chaperon wisely. Some friends can be more of a hindrance than a help. Vanilla friends are generally not the best choice. Kink friends make a better choice as they understand the scene and might even be your rigger or play partner. 
Can I trust you?
Yes, I am a professional photographer that shoots nudes. My reputation is far more important to me than your images. I won't do anything to jeopardize that. Everyone I've shot with has felt safe, secure and welcomed.
Can you help me with my makeup?
Yes. I have an open minded make up artist that I work with. The fee for this is now covered in my regular service.   We must book the make up artist a minimum of two weeks in advance. 
How do I schedule a photoshoot?
Just drop me a note here or on FetLife describing what kind of photos you'd like. Then we will figure out some times to schedule a photoshoot.
Do you photograph men?
Yes I do. The dick pics have got to go! I'll shoot your dick, soft or hard, if you really want me to but I'd much rather create sexy images for you. Let's create images that are conversation starters.
Do you photograph couples?
For sure. Playing or not playing, whatever works for you.

Thank you!
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